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Professional web design & e-commerce
website video production, product video production, article marketing & SEO Service


Professional web design says a lot about your company and the image you wish to project - hence poor quality | dated web design is known to be damaging for business.


artViper designstudio believes in clean professional web design, razor sharp graphics, world class photography, colour coordination, easy navigation, cross browser compatibility, fast load times & most of all great fuctionality.


This goal is reached by utilizing the latest web technologies, starting from AJAX driven widgets over database supported system up to multimedia design and web video production.


Latest project - "Jobs Oberpfalz"


Responsive Job Portal design based on Wordpress, custom coding, PDF invoice print and much more. Visit at Jobs Oberpfalz




Visual Web Design

Professional web design & visual experience

Sometimes it makes sense to add something that enhances the visitor experience, contributes to your message & uses the web for whats its designed for - multimedia marketing.


artViper designstudio web design offers the following world class media services to
our web design customers:


XHTML & CSS valid

We design websites according to the specifications of the w3c consortium (W3C), making them cross-browser compatible and easy to read for search engines.


Nothing is worse than locking people out of your website by using inpappropriate tech- niques. We deliver high quality webdesign with a high grade of accessibility, as we are not using i.e. flash for menu structures, iframes or other disturbing elements.

Rich Media Experience

Flash, although not very popular for web purists, offers a wide variety of possibilites to display data, information and cool effects.


The teamplay of ajax, mySQL, PHP, XML and flash can provide a rich user experience and data structurization.


Yet this is just one piece of the cake - check out our media design section for even more 3D and animation products..

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial“artViper does a great job in delivering quality content and stylish websites”


Testimonial 2“We were stunned by the impressive design and the turnaround time! ”


Testimonial 3“Thanks for getting our new page done in a way that impresses our customers!.”


Testimonial 4"Outstanding service - from the first drafts to the last changes we wanted, top quality!"


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