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Article writing and submission service - fair prices, quick turnaround times



Article Marketing, Article Writing, Article Submission Service

Article marketingWith Google's duplicate content rules if you submit the exact same article to all directories it will only get you good backlinks from the first few articles that get indexed by Google, the rest will be omitted by Google because it will recognize the fact that they have already been indexed on other sites and therefore don't need to be indexed or given any relevance.


By far of the most ethical ways of building authority on the web is article marketing - if used correctly it makes the business you wish to promote the 'expert' in the field & builds high quality links from high PR sites with low number of outbound links per page which is exactly what is needed to increase website ranking.


Well written articles also increase targetted traffic to your website and increase visitor trust - hence visitors are much more likely to take positive action. Our team of talented and highly professional writers cover any topic you might require. Quick turnaround times and competitve prices are ensured.


Submission to Article Directories

Articles directories we are currently using include:


PR5+ Article Directories PR4 Article Directores up to PR3 Article Directories – PR6 – PR4 – PR3 – PR6 – PR4 – PR3 – PR5 – PR4 – PR3 – PR5 – PR4 – PR1 – PR5 – PR2 – PR5 – PR1 – PR2 - PR3


artViper Article Writing Service has the solution!


Article Writing ServiceWe will write a 350 to 400 word article on any subject you like and then rewrite it 'x' number of times (see pricing) to give a collection of articles that are the same in context but all 50%+ different in words and phrases. This uniqueness will make search engines see each article as original and therefore index the articles and give power to the links in the resource boxes. The articles will be submitted to article directories that allow dofollow links in the resource box. In the resource box we will add a description of your site (you can provide it or we can write it).


Social Bookmarking

Adding your link to social bookmarking sites can help in three ways; firstly it will give you a dofollow link to your site which helps your SEO efforts, secondly as these sites get a lot of traffic you can get a lot of direct traffic from the bookmarking site and finally as these sites get crawled so often it will get your site and it's pages indexed faster by Google.



  • 50 Social Bookmarks = 20 $
  • 100 Social Bookmarks = 37 $



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Article Writing Prices & Conditions

We guarantee that all articles will be approved so any that get rejected will be replaced. You will receive an initial report upon submission and a second report once all articles are approved.


All articles copyScape passed - no double content


Please note we do not use automatic software; for rewriting we use suitable synonyms and alternative sentences so that each re-written articles reads properly.


Article Count & Submissions Price
10 ( 1 Article, rewritten 9 times ) 30 $
20 ( 2 Articles rewritten 9 times ) 59 $
30 ( 3 Articles rewritten 9 times ) 85 $
40 ( 4 Articles rewritten 9 times ) 100 $


Article Count & Submissions Price
15 ( 1 Article, rewritten 14 times ) 40 $
30 ( 2 Articles rewritten 14 times ) 78 $
45 ( 3 Articles rewritten 14 times ) 110 $
60 ( 4 Articles rewritten 14 times ) 140 $




artViper Article Special Submission

We put your article on article networks that supply blogs with fresh content. Your content will appear with a backlink and targeted keyword on several blogs, each time a rewritten variant.


Prices per special blog distribution Price
10 Blog Submissions 15 $
30 Blog Submissions 40 $
50 Blog Submissions 65 $


Other volumes can be requested. If you require other article or social bookmarking services, volumes etc. then feel free to drop us a line.


Information Website Design

Expect the best

Good is not good enough. That’s our creed. artViper takes great pride in their work — and what we do for our clients. More than make things look pretty, we work smartly and diligently to make sure that each project coming out of the studio is strategically sound, unique and memorable.


No matter what the project scope or size, we begin with an intensive homework phase – extracting information from the client and conducting our own research. We immerse ourselves into your brand to learn all we can about who you are, what you want to be, and what you wish the project to achieve.

Webdesign Process

Next, we analyze key information to clarify business and design objectives and develop a sound strategy that will serve as the foundation for a strong yet imaginative solution.


Both individually and collaboratively, we explore a vast array of visual concepts, with no preconceptions about style or design.

Competitor Analysis

Getting a nice optimized page is not enough. Therefore we conduct a thorough competitor analysis and advise you how to target your nice.


If competitor density is high, we recommend to get a good SEO optimization to stand a chance to make it to the top 5 of your targeted keywords. Our SEO specialist take care of that issue.

Project Execution

Here’s where our discovery, strategizing, and exploration come to life. We put everything together to create a design solution for our client – arranging imagery, visuals, and graphic elements; determining the most effective color and type; and incorporating appropriate copy to effectively convey the message. From here, we refine our ideas based on client feedback to create a powerful strategic design.



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