Website Design 303 Third

Computer Service Webdesign


A small business, clean and modern site, promoting computers and spare parts. Targetting a younger audience, this website design makes it easy to navigate and find what the client is looking for. Build with AJAX and XHTML | CSS 2.1

Website Design Spintler

Contact Lenses and Glasses Webdesign


A fresh and modern design for a local optics store. Build with XHTML and CSS for cross browser compatibility, and using some PHP for actual offers. Convenient user experience and in a very nice, dark and professional looking style.

Website design Wandlungsphasen

Buchwelt - Bookstore Website Design


Build on a normal eCommerce XT shop, this webshop has turned into a powerful machine. A complete revamp of the search engine, fulltext searches, nifty PHP and AJAX addons for browsing books and finiding information, interlinking authors, keywords etc. make this shop an outstanding one. In addition the shop was de-tabled and build with CSS only.

Website design Gutingi

Gutingi - community network website design


Web 2.0 styled website, aimed at community activities. Complete backend written in mySQL, PHP and AJAX, uploader for client images, spam check and many more. Link structures are SEO optimized, flawless XHTML and CSS make this website easy and convenient to use.

Website design Brauwirt

Brauwirt - historical restaurant webdesign


In the heart of the old quarter of Weiden you will find a historical building, home to the BräuWirt, an inn like no other. With our Festkeller, Wirtsstube, St. Georgs Keller and Malztenne, we invite you and your guests to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

Website design Quepay

Quepay - web based payment processor design


Quepay offers the possibility to pay simply with your opinion. Just answer a few questions and get your bonuspoints which you can then transform into real life products. artViper produced the the design by customer requirements and the php and mySQL backend.

Website design Lospflanzen

Lospflanzen - protect our environment and plant a tree


Lospflanzen is a charity project, allowing users to plant a tree by simply answering a few questions. The page was created with an AJAX, mySQL, PHP front- and backend and is SEO optimized. Additional flash animations created by customer requirements are living up the complete presentation.

Website design your fashionplace

Yourfashionplace - ecommerce web design


Basing on an Gambio XS shop, we've developed a neat design, optimized the shop regarding to SEO purposes, added some AJAX and flash effects to make shopping an experience.

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