Welcome to CSS Chart Generator

the only on-the-fly generator for bar charts in the net. With this easy to use interface you can create an design your bar charts in seconds. A whole bunch of features is waiting for you - from defining the output size, over colors for each bar, titles for x and y axis, to color of font and bar backgrounds and much more.

Free use

CSS Chart Generator is free for use. No costs implied for the basic version. You can use it on any website.

The free version shows a copyright notice in the x-axis title, while the pro version is free from any backlinks or ads and has much more functionality.

Easy to use, xhtml valid, easy to implement

It is a snap to integrate the bar charts into your own website. We provide implementation samples for AJAX and PHP calls. Furthermore, CSS Chart Generator is generating valid (x)html code, making it accessible and does not hurt your error free website code.


Features like a pro

The possibilities are nearly endless. Defining chart parts like background, bar colors, value shown, axis titles, spacers in the background, distance between the chart bars, font sizes, font colors, mouseover effects and much more. And the best of it: It‘s free!*

The pro version allows enhanced features like background images on the charts, nifty effect classes written in ajax and gives access to the download section, where you can download effect codes to make the charts even prettier. Now try it yourself!

Pro version

The pro version is 5 Euro for a period of 30 days. In addition, you will gain access to the download section where you can find nifty widgets to enhance your css charts.