Create your own chart

Below you can enter all the necessary information for your chart. The single items are explained and predefined, so you can simply start changing values.

When you are done adding your values, simply click the send button and your chart will be
generated in no time and you will receive a link which you can use to display the chart
on your page. Please note, the animation effect is not included, but you can download the necessary ajax code.

Free use

The free version shows a copyright notice in the x-axis title, while the pro version is free from any backlinks or ads and has much more functionality.

It has not the ability to use gradient images or any other cool stuff. For this, purchase a pro license.

Create your chart now!

We have pre-filled the fields, so simply hit the send off button to create a demo chart.

The color fields can use short notation of CSS HEX color values. Click on the "okay" arrows to get a color picker displayed.

Description Values
Chart width
Chart height
Chart fontsize
Y-axis title
X-axis title
Bar values ( comma separated )
Bar colors ( click the selector for each bar once ) chk_on
Bar width
Bar distance
Show bar values Yes
Bar value font color chk_on
Chart background color chk_on
Background spacers active? Yes
Background spacer distance
Background spacer color chk_on

Your chart

As soon as you are finished adding values, colors, etc, and you press ok, your chart will appear here. In the meantime, you can see a PRO version styled chart with predefined values, gradient backgrounds and shadows.