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IE6 death march - let IE6 die


We’ve dropped support since Jan 09, as putting so much effort into an outdated browser proves to be slow economical suicide. The time needed to eradicate all “errors” to show the website correct in IE6 increases its price, or in case you offer this for free, lowers your income, as a lot of additional work is required. Not to talk about a designers nerves.

More than two years now, IE7 is available, IE8 about to be released, but still there are people who do not update this security gap filled monster.

This addresses also all the administrators inside companies who make a big part of those 20% still using IE6, whose are not willing to update. Strange, as they should be the first to get rid of such a security leak.If you think, this is absolutely the way, then support us on these two pages: as well as on - and if you still use this outdated browser, then download firefox




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