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HTML TagCloud to FlashCloud automatic convert


No need to write an xml wrapper for the common flash tagCloud anymore. This script does the trick for you. Simply follow the steps on the middle pane of this site ( click the headers to see full information ).

So how does this work? h2flash simply takes a parent element which holds your tagcloud and loops through the links found in there. It then creates a XML file which is then sent to the flash tag cloud.

The flash tag cloud is then injected into the document and replaces the html one. Here is the demo and the download: HTML TagCloud to FlashCloud


SEO - your links stay intact, as the replacement is only done as soon as the whole page is loaded. Therefore any search engine still sees the original HTML tagCloud.

XML: No need to write any wrapper for the xml output for the cloud. Use it with any backend ( wordpress, joomla, typo3 etc )

Design: Your tagcloud colors, font-sizes, links stay intact. It just has a nice rotation now!




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