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buchwelt - redesign and new functions


Buchwelt Redesign
The bookshop has been undergoing a major redesign. A new face and a lot of new functions make it way more attractive to surf the page and buy books, cds and dvds. A volume of more than 500.000 books offers a vast area where nearly every customer will find what he | she is after.

Build on XT Commerce 3.04 SP2.1 with many enhancements from artViper make this an ultra-fast and stable system.

The new autocompleter for searches, a brand new search engine which can cope with the demand of showing results in split seconds ( with 500.000 products not an easy task ) and even having a error-tolerant search which comes up with the closest matches, as well as modules for delivery status, additional shipping costs, remember bank information of customers, a modern flash slider with a lot of details to customize make this shop a complete modern online shopping system for books.

Furthermore artViper developed tools for importing products, deletion and update over any table, coded in C# with direct access to the mySQL database. Import speed is an average of 300 products per second, writing to 3 tables at once.

The SEO optimization has changed the way the titles, meta description, keywords and other things are displayed, allowing google and co to easily crawl the contents of the shop. In addition, a froogle export module has been coded as well as a google sitemap generator which places maximum 10.000 products into one sitemap ( google rules ). A major sitemap links to the generated sitemaps and contacts google to read them in.




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