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Image clipping and retouching services - We deliver high quality image clipping path and background removal for very affordable prices


Advanced image clipping

Compare us to our competitors. Our turn around time is 24 hours for projects with less than 200 images.


Unrivaled quality

We have several years of experience in retouching work with world-class stock agencies, labs and freelance photographers in Europe and in the United States and process more than 15.000 images per month, making us a reliable and professional partner for all your image retouching needs.


We offer you to turn in an image that needs to be retouched or clipped and we will send it back to you in no time - and first of all - free! You will be satisfied!



Affordable Prices

artViper offers this service at very low rates. Compare our competitors and our service level and you will be convinced. Why pay more for less?



Image clipping services: Get your images cut out, add paths or get a beauty retouching. Fair prices, quick turnaround time, top quality.


Other retouching services & prices

  • Dust | background removal on images 1,50 €
  • Beauty retouching 6,50 €
  • Restaurating old b/w images starting at 6 €
  • Coloring of b/w images starting at 6 €
  • Photo retouching, cleaning and cloning starting at 6 €
  • Image manipulation starting at 6 €
  • Editing | removing unwanted objects starting at 6 €
  • Colorization of objects | people starting at 6 €
  • Portraiture, adding motion effects starting at 6 €






Professional clipping services

All clipping projects with less than 200 images will be send back to you in 24 hours with perfect quality. If you are a new customer, send us one of the images you want to be clipped and we will return it for free. This way you can estimate the quality and speed of our service.



Lady complex hair



Image clipping prices

These are the prices for image clipping and background removal services. For all prices of our services, view our sample section.



Complexity levels and costs:


Complexity Level 1:

Very basic images, i.e. lighters, boxes, etc


0.60 €

Complexity Level 2:

Simple objects, like iPods, monitors, shoes, etc.


1.50 €

Complexity Level 3:

Intermediate objects, like man with short hair, whole body cutouts etc.


3.00 €

Complexity Level 4:

Advanced images like ladies with long and complex hair, technical objects


4.20 €

Complexity Level 5:

Complex images like jewelry, Bikes, filigree objects


5.90 €


other complexity levels on request.


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