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Our website design portfolio

Here you can see sample works of artViper designstudio's customers and case studies. Additionally there's some information about the project itself.

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Ranch Website Design

CU Ranch Webdesign


A clean, structured web design using latest techologies ( AJAX, mySQL, PHP ), valid XHTML and CSS Level 3. A simple guestbook was also written for this page. The great looking web design makes this website a small business website par excellence.

Brewery Website Design

Brewery and restaurant website design


This website received recognition from the German Agricultural Society (DLG) for its famous Zoigl beer. Utilizing flash, AJAX and clean XHTML along with basic SEO optimization, the outcome is a satisfying website design with focus on presenting their goods and service.

Website Design 303 Third

Die Modellbahn


Die Modellbahn claims to be one of the most thorough model train selling site, and is basically a page listing only models, spare parts and other equipment. Build with mySQL, PHP and the mootools framework, the page nicely hides the long material lists and only fades them into view as soon as its needed. Basic SEO optimization and a admin backend rounds up this website.

Computer Service Website Design

Computer Services CBO


Straighforward website design to focus on their services. Using 3D animations and renderings, XHTML and CSS Level 2.1 as well as some AJAX, their message is transported well in their niche.

PDF 2 Gif Converter

PDF to GIF Converter


PDF to GIF is an invention of artViper designstudio. It converts on the fly PDF files into animated GIF previews that can be used in normal image tags on any website. There's no need to upload the pdf first, making it very convenient to convert the PDF's into images. Build with pure PHP and the imageMagick™ library. It incorporates the Paypal API, an administration backend written in PHP,mySQL and AJAX.

Rattan Furniture Web Design

Rattan Profi


Rattan Profi is selling - oh wonder - wickerwork furniture. The shop bases on XT:Commerce Veyton, the newly released shopping system. Design is fresh and modern, and gives a good overview over their product palette.

Fashion website design

Fashion website design


Yourfashionplace is a Gambio shopping system. artViper designed a convenient frontend utilizing AAX, flash and pure XHTML / CSS.

Homebuilding Webdesign

Home Building Webdesign

A sleak, clean website design build with clean XHTML, CSS. We've developed a small administration backend (CMS) for easy updating of appartments and information about these.

Landhouse Furniture



Andutteye is a systems management platform that automates enterprise data centers and keeps them running. It contains different modules that targets different tasks of systems management. From a single point of operations you can monitor, manage, and execute all ranges of tasks needed for centralized systems management. artViper provided the complete design, revamped the old system from table based to an XHTML page with AJAX effects.

MK Center Mobile Phone Design

MK Center Mobile Phone Web Design


The MK Center website has been designed with a modern, nice looking frontend, utilizing flash and AJAX for enhanced user satisfaction. A AJAX slider accompanies flash flipping books for recent offers and easy CSS based navigation.

Basketball Web Design

Team Basketball Webdesign


Team Basketball is a regional basketball group, artViper sponsors this site, as well prints their monthly newspaper. The page is build with wordpress, including self written modules, AJAX functions and flash elements. The SEO optimization was well commenced, the search term "team basketball" shows this page even before the nba page, while listing over 380 million links.

Landhouse Furniture

Butcher Webdesign


This local butchery website reflects the clean and sophisticated work on their own farm. Build with jQuery, XHTML and clean CSS it is pure fun to view it.

Hotel Brochure

Contact Lenses and Glasses Webdesign


A fresh and modern design for a local optics store. Build with XHTML and CSS for cross browser compatibility, and using some PHP for actual offers.

convenient user experience and in a very nice, dark and professional looking style.

Commerce Design

Bittermann Daylight


A basic website design for a light dome manufacturer. XHTML valid and CSS used. PHP for contact form validation.

Hotel Brochure

Spintler Medienhaus


A fresh clean and straightforward website, putting the information into the foreground. It's XHTML | CSS valid, WAI checked and is build with AJAX, mySQL and PHP. Nifty feature is the AJAX|Flash uploader for convenient file handling. An administration console is also integrated, enabling the communication and sharing of files between company and clients.

Hotel Brochure

viperScript - script shop


viperScript is artViper's own script store. Some of the modules we have developed for customers or our own need can be found and purchased here. Bases on XT:Commerce.

Hotel Brochure



Lospflanzen provides some help to our environment by planting trees for free. All you have to do is to answer a few questions, and a new tree is planted. Build with flash, ajax and of course XHTML | CSS.

Hotel Brochure

Military website design


The IIICS backend is completely written from scratch, utilizing functions like fulltext search, xml output for RSS and flash tag clouds, pagination, clean URL rewrites, Yahoo API integration, AJAX and flash sliders, a ultra fast engine, no use of any PHP framework which could slow down performance and a very unique design in the front end. As usual validated XHTML and CSS are used to build this website.

A.T.U Glass Service

A.T.U Glass Service


This is an addon page for the automobile part sale store of A.T.U offering screen repairs and replacement. A very clean and straightforward design, matching the CI of A.T.U are used as well some flash and AJAX.

Security Service Website Design

Security Service Website Design


PGO Security Services is a clean and sleak website focussing on the transported message. It is utilizing some self coded Flash Slider with Actionscript and AJAX for convenient form handling.

Fashion Store Design

Mobile Phone Blog Webdesign


Wordpress adapted to the design of the main page. Using XHTML and CSS for the frontend design.

Cheese Website

Cheese Factory Web Design


Cheese Production is a very nice and stylish website, showing the production of cheese from a different angle than most other pages do. Front end website design utilizes AJAX and XHTML | CSS.

RGB Laser Website Design

RGB Laser Website Design


RGB Laser website design is build with clean HTML, CSS Level 2.1 and is cross browser compatible, including the dated IE6. Some AJAX Sliders and other enhancements empower the technical aspect of the website.

Sports Shopping Cart Design

Penek Security Webdesign


Another security website with a clean and straightforward design. Main focus are their services which are enhanced through nice visual design and outstanding overview.

Sports Shopping Cart Design

Quepay - Payment Processor Webdesign


A modern, hype and web 2.0 styled website, utilizing jQuery and PHP for getting the alternative payment system to life. This webdesign is aimed at a younger audience, with some nifty colorful frontend design.

Bookstore Web Design

Bookstore Web Design


Build on a normal eCommerce XT shop, this webshop has turned into a powerful machine. A complete revamp of the search engine, fulltext searches, nifty PHP and AJAX addons for browsing books and finiding information, interlinking authors, keywords etc. make this shop an outstanding one. In addition the shop was de-tabled and build with CSS only.

Sports Shopping Cart Design

Exclusive Car Care Design


A modern website, build on XHTML and CSS as well as some flash and AJAX elements, this companies focus lies on smart repair and professional cleaning for cars.

Computer Service Design

Computer Service Design


A small business, clean and modern site, promoting computers and spare parts. Targetting a younger audience, this website design makes it easy to navigate and find what the client is looking for.

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