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73% + of top 20 companies in each business sector use web video as part of their strategy – VideoBloom
29.6 million users accessed web video in January 2009 (8 out of 10 web users) – Comscore
Americans watch 33.2 Billion web videos in January 2010 – Comscore
95% of marketers admitted that CTR increased when using web video mails in 2010– GetResponse
Web video email marketing industry is set to top $7.2bN 2012 – Interactive Advertising Bureau
Consumers are likely to watch & remember a web video ad they choose to watch Feb 2010 – Vivaki
Online TV Viewers prefer – watching TV quality web video Ads – Nielsen
Web Video Ads is the fastest growing media platform in history May 2009 – Mediapost
Web Video advertising increased by 74% in 2009 - Emarketer
Web Video is 40% more likely to grab attention than text – Comscore
Video Viewing on facebook increased by 98% 08|09 – Nielsen
75% respondents confirmed they watched more web videos online in 2009 than previous year – TNS
78% respondents confirmed they learned more about a product /service with web video than TV - TNS
64% respondents confirmed that they visited the advertisers website after seeing a web video ad - TNS
21% respondents discussed the product/service with friends - family after viewing a web video ad – TNS
Youtube increases market share to 43% and 100% growth in 2009 – Comscore
Web Video ads have shown an average 24% increase in incidence of purchase 2009 – Comscore
Web Video ads have shown an average 18% increase in incidence of calls 2009 – Comscore
All Business increased spend on web video ads in 2009 – 40% increase in small business – Borrell & Asc.
A good viral video can last 8 years with good traffic, year 1 & 2 being massive 2010 - Viraltracker
65% of surfers view web video ads to the end - less than 20% read "text only" sites 2009 - Online Publishers Asc
2-5 % of traffic converts to a sale on text sites – approx 12% convert on sites with video - Online Publishers Asc
68% of people who watch online web videos,, pass links for these videos onto their friends - Online Publishers Asc
81% of searchers watch web video - Estimated 87% of surfers will watch web video by 2011 - Feb 2010 - Online Publishers Asc
65% of people watching web video are between 35 & 64 – 67% of these are on mid to high incomes - Online Publishers Asc


Why use web video?

Video is no longer a ‘nice touch’ but an essential part of any website or web marketing campaign.


Today we are exposed to 500 times more information than 50 years ago - we ignore most marketing messages hence many text/image based websites are now losing ground to rich media – after all the web was not designed to be a newspaper. Here are just a few of the stats which you will see in the news feed above:


  • 33.2 billion Americans watched web videos watched in January 2010 - Comscore
  • 95% of marketers admitted that CTR increased when using web video mails in 2010 - GetResponse
  • Web Video ads have shown an average 24% increase in incidence of purchase 2009 – Comscore


The stats are pretty compelling people love video - consider another statistic – Less than 1% of businesses will recover their web investment – the message is loud & clear – use web video or your competitor probably will!


Web video is no longer a 'glossy extra'  but an essential component of successful web design. Stats show that including video in your website greatly increases: visitor time on site, CR & ROI – need we say more?


  1. 3D Web Video Production
  2. Product Video Production
  3. Showreel Video production


Low Cost Web Video Production

The possibilities & costs could of course be infinite so we have simplified the video production process as best as possible & stripped out unnecessary extras & silly costs – hence we can offer the service at fraction of typical agency fees


Whilst cost is stripped down artViper won't compromise on quality & uses world class crews, editors & post production teams.


We have the capability of producing amazing VFX & hiring celebrities however, the key to low cost web video production inevitably is time, we advise all customers to read more about processes & costs in the links above.


Web video production Recommendations


If your objective is to simply drive your sales message then we recommend 3D web video – this is much faster to produce & a lot cheaper. Please see the artViper Promotional video. Limitations of 3d web video is of course ‘reality’ so if the objective is to sell product quality or build trust – then you have no option but to invest a little more & go for product/showreel video production – the results are incredible & of course highly convincing.


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Web Video Distribution Advice


The 2 most important sites to be listed on are of course Youtube & Metacafe –  these are free & are  indexed in google vids -  we recommend all clients to upload their videos to these sites with the appropriate keyword tags for extra in the wild exposure There are of course 100s of other sites but nowhere near as big and ugly as the 2 mentioned.



Web Video Virals


Viral videos have to be funny, shocking, inspiring or jaw dropping – that’s it in a nutshell – advertisements can go viral rapidly if you get the content right – a TV plug or social media push is often enough to start the ball rolling. The regulations that apply on TV ads – don’t apply to viral ads so you can push boundaries – many virals do!


Statistics show that if you get it right you will have 4 months of massive exposure followed by lower level exposure for years – not bad for free! Success always boils down to the quality of the idea & execution of seeding. If have a good idea artViper would be happy to make your broadcast quality video viral. Word of caution - few product succeed!


promotional video


Information Website Design

Web Video Seeding Advice

What is seeding - well it’s a way of building web video views so your counter of the number of views shows a bigger & bigger number – it’s a kind of wow factor so the next viewer thinks  ‘this video must be worth watching’. In reality were quite sane as humans & make our own minds up on what we want to watch.


A little bit of reality here web marketing companies are offering seeding services that will make your counter go off the charts with views – and it does! - usually the result is no sales & a nice pile of cash spent & unless you are a household brand don’t!.


‘you can bring a cow to water but you can’t make it drink’ – most of us remember pop-up ads which annoyed the hell of us in the past few years – with modern browsers these are kind of gone for now thank god – what has replaced these are page obscure, interject & pop under ads – whilst more acceptable. The audience for these is typically young & is willing to tolerate the intrusion so they can continue to their free music, adult or free file download without ever viewing the ad/video.

Social Media Optimization

A better way of seeding to get the right kind of exposure would be video + article distribution & social media exposure – its better if we find the page with the video ourselves than for it to be forced upon us as we are already interested in the topic and we have arrived at the page of our own free will


Another common way to seed is to use ‘proxies’ to generate single views using a program to carry out the task – its not fair play sure – just our observations. It’s a seedy business if you excuse the pun!

Pyramid Marketing

 In the case of social media it’s a way to spread the word to a network preferably friends that have large networks themselves – ‘pyramid marketing’ without the bad press if you like. To succeed the content has to be of interest to the audience – preferably viral see below! Ref article writing & distribution for more info



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