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Corporate Website Design - taking web design to the next level. High end websites with complex DB, AJAX driven interactivity and outstanding design.


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Appearance can be deceptive

Just because a site looks good doesnt always mean that you have a polished product - little errors like cross browser faults, poorly executed scripts, menu faults, & poor form validation are often enough to convince the visitor to use the back button.


Visitor experience

Corporate web design is not just about visitor experience, it's also about absolute attention to detail, creative thinking & technical excellence. Check out our web design portolio.


Businesses need to consider the stability of their corporate web design partners, the ability of the programmer & delivery speed at equal importance to value. Corporate wed design programmers have to be capable of writing secure code to minimise the undesirable risk of script injection.



Corporate web design guarantee

  • All corporate web designs are guaranteed against any coding defect
  • Copyright will be fully transferred to our client upon completion
  • All websites are unique designs, handcrafted and matching your corporate identity



Corporate Clients

artViper designstudio web design is dedicated to building relationships with corporate clients & insures that all corporate clients are absolutely looked after.


artViper web design provides long term aftercare in return for long term service commitment from the corporate. artViper knows that forming a long 2 way relationship insures stability & the success for both parties.




Corporate Web Design

Here is a short list with information we think is vital for the success of your corporate website design.



Enterprises and corporations

artViper is dedicated to providing enterprises with professional website design and web development services at a remarkably competitve value. How can we help you today ?



Development support

We provide development services with the most common programming languages like PHP, database driven systems with mySQL or any other SQL database, and mootools and jQuery javascript frameworks for convenient and visually appealling effects.


The combination of these languages enable us to deliver high quality systems that will add value to your website. Let your site grow.




What can we do for you?

Major players on the german and UK market trust our development skills, like the car part reseller A.T.U. or Europes biggest electronic dealer Conrad Electronic for whose we develop shop systems or intranet solutions.


To-Do before designing a site »


1. No traffic = no business
Conduct traffic research for all phrases that relate to your niche


2. Do Competitive Research
know the strength & weakness of your competitors before engaging in the design process


3. Can you Lead Your Web Niche
do not compete in a well established web niche with a leader & underdog without serious advice.


4. On Page SEO Planning
get advice from an SEM as on page factors may affect your rank & cost you more in future


Website Planning »


5. Target 1-2 keywords per page
use keywords in titles, headings, text, links & menus without over stuffing


6. One Clear Message
don't confuse customer with too many messages - visitors read much less than you think


7. Use an Effective Marketing Differentiator
95% of businesses messages are proven to be ineffective eg. good portfolio, good qualifications


8. Plan your pages
Prepare - you will save money on text & design changes later & get better result from the designer.


9. Pick your colours wisely
not everyone likes bright purple, green or pink, web designers should advise you on colour match.


10. Think of the customer
the website is not about you its about the customer, so answer their questions quickly


11. Make frequently requested info easy to find
always provide the most likely viewed content in the fewest number of clicks.


12. Plan your space wisely
Do not present your visitor with a wall of text, use white space wisely.


13. Keep Pages Clean
you have 5 seconds to impress a new visitor - keep your page clean


Post Development Checks »


14. Test Forms & Site Processes
Use someone that doesn't know your website to test site processes & rectify any difficulties pre launch.


15. Have a website promotion plan
SEMs should advise you on the appropriate levels of promotion you require in social news, ezines, directories etc.


16. Check Traffic capabilities
ensure your site is hosted on a server that can cope with the expected demands & in the same country as the user.


17. Check Security
ensure you have carried out basic security checks & locked to all code written.


This guide has been created through many years of web design experience - and shows the key processes to web success.


artViper Corporate Web design Team provides free keyword research to all customers

artViper Corporate Web Design Team offers low cost web marketing consultancy

*artViper SEO Consultant will tell you how likely you are to succeed and the costs involved

artViper SEO Consultant will help you with full site preparation

artViper Corporate Web Design Team will help with your unique marketing message

artViper Corporate Web Design Team will provide you with a marketing plan tailored to your business


Request information


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Please fill the fields below, as more details you can provide the better we can tailor a quote concerning your project.





Please tell us as much as possible about your upcoming project.


We respect your privacy. No information is sold or revealed to any 3th party.


Project planningWebsite Project Planning

Here’s where our discovery, strategizing, and exploration come to life. We put everything together to create a design solution for our client – arranging imagery, visuals, and graphic elements; determining the most effective color and type; and incorporating appropriate copy to effectively convey the message. From here, we refine our ideas based on client feedback to create a powerful strategic design.




Web DevelopmentWeb Application Development

With state of art infrastructure and cutting edge technologies, artViper designstudio provides application development service to develop powerful applications focused on customer relation enhancement, process automation, cost savings and competitive advantage creation. Our team consists of experienced software professionals who are highly proficient in life-cycle development and have expertise in developing world class commercial web based applications that meet business and technical requirements.



Web Application DeploymentWebsite Deployment

artViper designstudio's webmasters are highly skilled and trained, and will deploy your web application in no time, setup needed databases and scripts, do a functionality check and add your website to the server.


The website is then checked for full functionality ( forms, application properties etc ) and is released into the wild.


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