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Newsletter Design

While for some newsletters (like some design company), it would make sense to have a lot of fancy images in emails; it is good to have fewer images and stress more on the content.


Images are blocked by most of the email clients to load immediately. Also, it is a good idea to have a copy of your newsletter on your website for future reference, for the fact that newsletters can be opened at any time of the future, and so it should not look awkward with your images missing somehow.


For example, cleartrip is a very good example of sending to-the-point beautiful emails, with no fuss



Newsletter Sending Options

Newsletter Send &Track

You may have started a newsletter successfully. But it is important to measure the rate of success of each newsletter.


For this purpose artViper offers newsletter tracking services. We tracks each newsletter's key comparative metrics to enable response rate comparisons.


Newsletter Technics

First and foremost, a good newsletter has good content that meets the needs and expectations of the reader.


On the design and page layout side, a good newsletter design creates interest and maintains readability through consistency, conservation, and contrast.


Erraneous display of newsletters is a taboo. Therefore outsource the creation of professional newsletter design. Nothing is worse than loosing customers through bad designed communication media.


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