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XML driven Flash Tag Cloud
add a flash based tag cloud to your site.


INFO: If you need to have special chars inside your flash tag cloud, you will need to edit the source and add the font as well as the chars you wish to display to it ( embed them ).


features of the xml tagCloud

  • completely xml driven so any website, blog, social network can use it
  • speed of rotation adjustable
  • font color adjustable
  • font face adjustable
  • mouseover color adjustable
  • images can be added over the cloud tags
  • can link to any url
  • size of cloud completely adjustable
  • add images ( rel tag )


Download here »





Demo XML Flash Tag Cloud


The flash tag cloud can be used even as SEO instrument. For being able to make it work, add the rss file, that powers the flash cloud to your document head.

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