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Website thumbnails - free screenshots and snapshots of websites.


Since more than three years now we deliver high quality website thumbnails to websites all over the globe. With a traffic volume of more than 16 GB each day we are one of the biggest provider for website thumbnails.


Add value to your website

Just imagine, how much a link directory or any web catalog can profit from displaying thumbnails besides the respective links. The visiting user will know upfront, where he will be lead to, as he can see the page. ( In addition, isn't it nicer to have some gfx on a page, not just plain text? )


Terms of service

Only non-commercial domains are allowed to use artViper's thumbnail API. Commercial domains are required to subscribe to our pro version, which can be found at


Deep link capture

Additionally, artViper thumbnails are capable of capturing deep links, meaning you can snap not only the index page but any page of a website.


Flash & AJAX screenshots

artViper website thumbnails also capture any interactive media like flash, ajax and silverlight plugins.


Why website thumbnails?

Well, that's simple to answer. No matter if you run a link list, a directory, a blog or whatever - showing a thumbnail besides the link ( or make the thumbnail a link ) shows your visitors where they will be lead to.


In addition, you are adding some value to your page, as an image often says more than a wall of text.



Donate - if you can afford it

If you think the service is great, and want to help us keeping it free ( 12-15 GB bandwidth use a day and some high end servers add up ) we encourage you to donate a small amount. As a little payback we will add your link here, mentioning you as a sponsor of the thumbnail system. Thanks upfront! Donate here »


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Highest quality thumbnails

Our snapshot service stands out - we deliver one of the highest quality website thumbnails thus being one of the most favored screenshot services out there. With a huge client base of commercial and non-commercial websites, we can surely say to be one of the top providers.



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