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Website check - check your sites´ SEO strength.


Why regularly checking your position is so important

Checking your site's ranking is of uttermost importance to see how your website ranks at this point of time and to understand which steps are necessary to boost your SEO rankings. This little check gives a raw overview over your current website's strength. It returns important values like google pagerank, google indexed pages, google backlinks, yahoo backlinks as well as some other search engine results. Additionally it returns info about some major social networks, and how the website is rated there.


Website SEO strength

The strength is an indicator, how well your site has been optimized from the view of content, as more backlinks and more visitors mean, the page's contents are interesting for a major audience. If your results are low, we can be of help, as we offer white-hat SEO including one-way link building, article and press release writing as well as on-page optimization. Just check our SEO section »


Website validity

It's also important, if your website renders correctly, thus having clean and correct (X)HTML code and CSS. It is said, that pages that do not comply to these standards are ranked worse than sites with clean code.


If that's just a fairytale or not, it is proven that clean code makes it easier for search engines to distinguish code from content, thus reducing the possibilites for errors. If your page does not comply to webdesign standards, you should think of a redesign which we also offer. Check out our webdesign services on this page.



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