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How They Did It: Al Jazeera “Beyond the Beach”, Built With Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is ideally suited for building online media presentations, and nowhere have I seen better evidence of that than Al Jazeera’s “ Beyond the Beach ” documentary. I recently chatted with  Konstantinos Antonopoulos , Interactive producer at  Al Jazeera English , and asked him about the processes involved in the build. The Interview Hi Konstantinos, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for ...

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Get Started Building Your Blog With Parse.js: User Login

What You'll Be Creating In the last session, you learned how to add data on  and render it on your website. You got familiar with the concept of objects, collections, and views, and created your first class. From this session and moving forward, you will be creating the admin panel of the blog system.  And it all starts with creating a User class and enabling login. 1. User Class Step 1: Add a Use ...

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Template Monster Giveaway + Huge Savings

We have some great news to share! The folks from TemplateMonster (we hosted their giveaway a while back) announced a Seven Week Giveaway . They have seven great prizes like: Pebble Steel, NVIDIA SHIELD, Moto 360, Bluetooth Smartphone Watch, Nexus 5, Moto Hint, and iPhone 6. Each week they will be giving away a different prize to one lucky winner. How to Win One of the Seven Prizes Head on over to TemplateMo ...

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Lining.js Offers ::Nth-Line selector to CSS

In CSS we already have the selector ::first-line to apply style on the first line of element. But there is no selector like ::nth-line(), ::nth-last-line() or even ::last-line . A Call for ::nth-everything from CSS tricks. ::nth-line() is actually really useful in some situation. There comes Lining.js . It offers you complete DOWN-TO-THE-LINE control. ...

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This Week on InkyDeals: HUGE 50% Black Friday Coupon

InkyDeals prepared for you an entire week with massive discounts, super premium resources and some out of this world promos! Only this week you get a humongous 50% discount on any purchase you make on InkyDeals! Yes, you read that right ñ all the deals available on at half the price! Use the coupon code BF50 at checkout. So what are you waiting for? Let the Black Friday Craze begin! Note: This ...

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How to Use Susy: Superpowered Sass Grids

Susy is a powerful set of Sass mixins for building grid-based layouts. What’s so great about Susy? We’ll show you the basics of working with Susy in this tutorial, but here’s a list of pros to consider: Anti-framework : Susy doesn’t impose any specific grid philosophy on you. Thus, you won’t be dropping in a CSS file and using classes out of the box (as you would with a Framework such as Bootstrap); instead ...

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20 Must Have Tools for Web Development

It is vital for all businesses and organizations to have a strong presence online nowadays. This has put quite a lot of stress on web developers to be constantly innovative and always create new and exciting websites. Luckily, there are a number of tools out there that can help make web development a lot easier. Here are out top 20 picks. Gridgum Gridgum is a market place for themes and templates that aim t ...

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Undress to Impress; Check Your Websites Without CSS

HTML is at the core of the web. Sometimes, in the pursuit of making things look beautiful using CSS, we forget that. If you’ve ever used Sass (or a CSS compiler in general), you’ve probably seen your site’s styles break due to a compile error. But before you rush to fix the error you just introduced, take this as an opportunity to analyze and enhance the core of your site: the HTML. “Failure is simply the o ...

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