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Useful Services & Tools for Converting Designs to Code

An experienced website or mobile app developer can sail through the initial design process, only to have things come to a grinding halt when the time comes to convert his designs into SEO-friendly, cross-browser compatible code. PSD to HTML conversion can be a time-consuming task, and an error-prone one as well for anyone who does not do it on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are a number of companies, and ...

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Learn How To Use Pre-Made Layouts To Deliver Great WP Websites Faster

Teams are no longer popular and it has been found that working in one can be unproductive sometimes. When you need to stay in contact with an individual for one process, as well as with another individual for a different one, it can be difficult to have a fast process of delivering the product to your client. It is for this reason why web designers who are based in solution orientated processes are now focu ...

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20 High-Quality InDesign Tutorials for Print Designers

Transitioning from digital design to print design is no easy task. It requires a fundamental understanding of the print medium along with the underlying software. Although learning the fundamentals of CMYK and paper quality is just a matter of reading, you’ll need to do quite a bit of practice to master print design software. If you want to get into print design then please take a look over these 20 InDesig ...

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Top jQuery Plugins for Dropdown Navigation Menus

Open source code has hastened the development process for everyone involved. Larger platforms such as WordPress have completely revolutionized the methods in which we create websites. But also consider the smaller plugins built for animation, form effects, and of course navigation menus. This gallery includes the absolute best jQuery plugins for creating a dropdown navigation. Each plugin is completely free ...

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The Perfect Lightbox? Using PhotoSwipe with jQuery

I recently came across a JavaScript library called  PhotoSwipe , and I am truly impressed. It is a brilliant library which overlays an image or a group of images on your current page, an effect popularly known as  lightbox . PhotoSwipe is currently developed by  Dmitry Semenov –he  rebuilt it  last year when he took over the project. Improvements include: Modular : PhotoSwipe is built into several modules, ...

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Grav – A Crazy Fast Modern Flat-File CMS

Grav is a Fast, Simple, and Flexible, file-based Web-platform . There is Zero installation required. Just extract the ZIP archive, and you are already up and running. It follows similar principals to other flat-file CMS platforms, but has a different design philosophy than most. Grav comes with a powerful Package Management System to allow for simple installation and upgrading of plugins and themes, as well ...

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Visual Test-Driven Development For Responsive Interface Design

Testing responsive websites is a laborious task. Until now, implementing a stable and maintainable automated solution for cross-browser and cross-device testing of a responsive layout has been nearly impossible. But what if we had an opportunity to write visual tests for responsive websites ? What if we could describe the look and feel of an application and put this directly into our tests? Upon considering ...

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15 Free Vector Design Resources for Designers

You will find the best and most attractive free graphics for designers at 1001FreeDownloads . They make it easy and fun to search and find the graphics you need in an quick and easy to use platform. They have a collection of tens of thousands of files and they are constantly expanding our content. We have selected the following 15 Free Vector Design Resources for Designers. Enjoy. Set of retro labels and ba ...

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