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How To Profit From Selling Digital Products (Part 1)

At the end of 2012, I was talking with a good friend of mine who runs a small custom woodworking company. We were discussing business over the last year and a few things we learned. While his business did about double the revenue that mine did in 2012, I made considerably more profit. That’s when it sank in how unusual my business really is: Instead of having a 10 to 20% profit margin like many businesses, ...

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Photoshop CC 2014: What’s New for Web Designers?

Last month saw the launch of the all new Photoshop CC 2014 , with lots of great new features, especially for web designers. In this tutorial, you'll learn about the following new or improved features, and learn how to get started using them: Smart Objects Layer Comps Smart Guides Typekit Integration Font Search Workflow Enhancements Smart Objects Using Smart Objects is a great way to work non-destructively. ...

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Top 90 Socially Shared Content Marketing Blog Posts

Top 90 Socially Shared Content Marketing Blog Posts is a post by SEO expert Nelson Scoville . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog . The Research Do you know everything there is to know about content marketing? Do you feel like everyone is just saying the same things in different ways? For those who want to discover a little more more, we took a sc ...

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The WAI Forward

It’s one thing to create a web application and quite another to keep it accessible — independent of the device that the user is using and its capabilities. That’s why Heydon Pickering, now the accessibility editor on Smashing Magazine, wrote an eBook Apps For All: Coding Accessible Web Applications 33 1 , outlining the roadmap for well-designed, accessible applications. This article is an excerpt of a chapt ...

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Breakpoints And The Future Of Websites

When the iPhone came out in 2007, the demonstration of its web browser by the late great Steve Jobs gave the not-so-subtle impression that Apple wasn’t too perturbed about its users pinching to zoom and swiping to scroll as part of the browsing experience. Responsive web design aimed to solve this problem by smartly applying flexible grids, fluid layouts and, of course, media queries. However, responsive we ...

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Case Study: PixelMogul, A Simulation Game For iOS

Are you a web designer or developer who dreams about creating a mobile game and bringing it to the app store? We have good news: Your road to the app store might be shorter than you think! And if you can recall your experience with ActionScript and the Flash platform from days of old, then you’ll even have a shortcut. Building a native app with Flash might sound weird at first. In this article, we will shar ...

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The Ultimate Adobe Muse Resource Collection

You may be new to Adobe Muse, but there's a busy and vibrant world of Muse content, articles, tutorials, inspiration, experts and tools already out there! This roundup will put the most useful Adobe Muse resources at your finger tips. Community Before we go any further, let's introduce ourselves to some of the folk on the forefront of Adobe Muse goings on. These teachers, evangelists, ...

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Techniques For Creating Custom Textures In Photoshop

Textures are everywhere — the concrete of a sidewalk, the fabric on your chair, even the glass (or plastic) surface of the screen you’re staring at right now. It’s natural that textures appeal to us because we see and feel them every day. And it’s no surprise why textures have become such an important element in design — so important, in fact, that I want to share with you the tricks and tools to create you ...

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