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Free JavaScript Codes for Dynamic Animations

Web animation was always a possibility even dating back to the 1990s. But back then very few people had Internet access, and the technologies were so new it was difficult to create meaningful effects. Nowadays there are significantly more resources for animated web effects – yet there’s still an even balance between meaningful and silly animations. This gallery focuses on 20+ interesting animated effects th ...

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How To Create Effective App Screenshots For Your App Page

Slowly but surely, the official app stores of iTunes, Google Play and Windows Phone Marketplace have transformed into a digital battlefield. App developers have to fight for recognition or otherwise be drowned in an ocean of competing mobile applications. App store optimization (ASO), a strategy similar to SEO but specifically applied to the app pages in app stores, has become a handy addition to an app dev ...

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CodePen Challenge #1: Style Section Links with CSS

What better way to run a web design Community Project than on CodePen ? In this, the first of such challenges, I want you to check out our example pen, fork it and improve it. That’s all you have to do. The best examples will be showcased in a week or so! The Challenge A couple of weeks ago Jonathan wrote a tutorial about adding dynamic section links to a web page. The idea is that a snippet of JavaScript r ...

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EventRay UI Kit – Layouts & UI Elements for Web & Mobile

EventRay UI Kit is a free ready-to-use interface kit includes multiple layouts and UI elements designed for Web and Mobile use. All you need to do is download this ui kit, simply plug it in and take it for a spin. You can check out the full preview on behance. Requirements: - Demo: License: License Free Sponsors Professional Web Icons for Your Websites and Applications ...

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Bootstrap 3 Succinctly: Additional Changed Components Features

In this series on Bootstrap 3, we're taking you through all the new features in the latest version of this popular framework. In the last tutorial we looked at some changes to components, and this time we'll finish off by looking at changes to other components, such as labels, badges, list groups, and panels. Label and Badge Changes This is going to be a very short section, because there have only been two ...

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Sketch for Beginners: Design a Bold Email Newsletter

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create a simple and bold email newsletter template using Sketch. The Brief If you engage in sending out email newsletters, they should be considered a key point in your marketing strategies. They give us direct contact with potential customers but we have to pay attention to how we design them to communicate properly, grab attention and (m ...

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New Opportunity for Freelance Writers at Envato Studio

Are you a freelance writer? Are you looking to get more business? If so, our parent company Envato has an exciting opportunity for you. Envato Studio  is an online shopfront for freelance services, with dozens of categories including logo design, photo retouching and icon design. Soon there'll be a couple of new categories: "writing" and "content". And that's where you come in. The Opportunity We're looking ...

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Harnessing Flexbox For Today’s Web Apps

Although the syntax might be initially confounding, flexbox 1 lives up to its name. It creates intelligent boxes that are stretchable, squeezable and capable of changing visual order. It provides simple solutions to layout paradigms that CSS has always struggled with: vertical centering and equal heights. Flex items are truly accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Chris Coyier sums up flexbox 2 nicely: ...

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