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Updates to the Envato Privacy Policy

We wanted to make you aware of some changes to our Privacy Policy. We’re committed to ensuring that our Privacy Policy clearly sets out how we manage your identifying information (“personal information”) while also reflecting some important aspects of Australian privacy (called “data protection” in Europe) and SPAM laws. The new policy goes into effect on May 1, so this is a quick heads up. You can read the ...

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Extending WordPress With Custom Content Types

WordPress does some pretty amazing things out of the box. It handles content management as well as any other open-source solution out there — and better than many commercial solutions. One of the best attributes of WordPress is its ease of use. It’s easy because there’s not a significant amount of bloat with endless bells and whistles that steepen the learning curve. On the flip side, some might find WordPr ...

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Documenting Your Projects With

What You'll Be Creating Documenting a project can be a nuisance, but it needn’t be. There are quite a few tools out there to get the job done–I often use  because of its flexibility. In this article I’ll show you why you should document, how you can get and how you can start using it right now to make your projects much better.  Why Documentation is Needed Writing documentation for your pro ...

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The Current State Of E-Commerce Filtering

When done right, filters enable users to narrow down a website’s selection of thousands of products to only those few items that match their particular needs and interests. Yet, despite it being a central aspect of the user’s e-commerce product browsing, most websites offer a lacklustre filtering experience. In fact, our 2015 benchmark reveals that only 16% of major e-commerce websites offer a reasonably go ...

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Using Sketch For Responsive Web Design (A Case Study)

If you’re a member of the web or UI design community, it’s been hard to avoid talking about Sketch 1 over the last year. The launch of this design app shook up an industry dominated by Adobe for more than two decades, and it has caused an ongoing debate about whether Sketch is better than Photoshop and Illustrator (and Fireworks 2 ). A longtime Photoshop user myself, I made the switch to Sketch in early 201 ...

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A Tale of Two Platforms: Designing for Both Android and iOS

Whether you’re working in-house, contracting, or for an agency, companies need apps for many different reasons. Established companies in particular need to cater for their existing customers and the devices they use. Often that means a new app for both Android and iPhones. In an ideal world, we’d spend months designing two apps. But in reality, many projects don’t allow that much time. For any of the apps I ...

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Designing an iOS Fitness Application with Apple Watch Compatibility

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to design a simple and easy-to-use iOS fitness application for tracking outdoor running and cycling. Besides the iOS application, I’ll give you a design example for the Apple Watch interface as well. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to design an iOS application with different screens and views in Sketch. We will be using some basic and ...

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Putting Mobile Back End As A Service Into Practice (Part 2)

Mobile back end as a service (MBaaS) aims at giving app developers the ability to create seamlessly new feature-complete cross-platform native and web applications. In the first part 1 of this series, I walked through a messaging application demo powered by the Kinvey application. We explored how to leverage user management, file storage and the data store. To complete the demo, we need to leverage two key ...

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