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Adds Interactive Programming Challenges to Any Page

Challenger is a drop-in JavaScript library that adds interactive programming challenges to any page . Challenges are flexible and expressive, and are super simple to write. A challenge has requirements based on code structure and program output, and gives users a code editor to experiment in. When new code is written, it’s run in a sandbox and the output is analyzed. Challenges can be presented as one-off t ...

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25 Syntax Highlighters: Tried and Tested

When you set out to grab a syntax highlighter for your website, or your favorite IDE, you quickly find there are a lot of options available. Picking which one to use can be a daunting task. Today, we’re making the process of choosing easier for you with a round up of all the most prominent offerings in the areas of straight JavaScript powered syntax highlighters, WordPress plugins, and IDE extensions & pack ...

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Designers And Developers: No Longer A House Divided

As the web continues the evolve at a breakneck, Moore’s-law pace, the divisions between traditional design and development are increasingly shifting. The “learn to code” movement is also gaining momentum among designers, but you’d be hard pressed to find a similarly strong movement for other disciplines within a team. Perhaps there should be. We should all be striving to learn, but the question remains, wha ...

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Understanding the LESS Loop

In this tutorial, we will comprehensively cover the LESS loop (coupled with a few other LESS features which we have discussed in previous posts, such as Mixins Guards and Color Functions ). Looping is a real helpful feature in LESS and it allows us to automate many repetitive styling tasks. Looping in LESS “Loop” is a programming method which repeats (or iterates) a function. Typically, it’s used for proces ...

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Form Inputs: The Browser Support Issue You Didn’t Know You Had

The lowly form input. It’s been a part of HTML for as long as HTML has had a formal specification 1 ; but before HTML5, developers were hamstrung by its limited types and attributes. As the use of smartphones and their on-screen keyboards has flourished, however, inputs have taken on a new and incredibly important role — but they’re also riddled with browser and device inconsistencies. The eight original in ...

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The Services And Tools That Should Code Your Designs

Our listing includes a number of excellent PSD to HTML conversion websites. Some provide a variety of different services, while others have core competencies in one or two areas of specialty. Any one of them is in a position to make your development project a bit easier for you; quite a bit easier in many cases. Most offer conversions to Responsive code, a service that is rapidly growing in importance, espe ...

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Creating A Complete Web App In Foundation For Apps

Foundation for Apps is a new single-page app 1 framework from Zurb that is closely related to Foundation 5 (also known as Foundation for Sites, a widely used front-end framework). It’s built around AngularJS and a flexbox grid framework. It’s intended to make creating a web app very quick and simple, enabling us to quickly start writing the code that’s unique to our application, rather than boilerplate. Bec ...

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Putting Mobile Back End As A Service Into Practice (Part 2)

Mobile back end as a service (MBaaS) aims at giving app developers the ability to create seamlessly new feature-complete cross-platform native and web applications. In the first part 1 of this series, I walked through a messaging application demo powered by the Kinvey application. We explored how to leverage user management, file storage and the data store. To complete the demo, we need to leverage two key ...

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