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How To Build A Ruby Gem With Bundler, Test-Driven Development, Travis CI And Coveralls, Oh My!

    Ruby is a great language. It was designed to foster happiness and productivity in developers, all the while providing tools that are effective and yet focused on simplicity. One of the tools available to the Rubyist is the RubyGems package manager. It enables us both to include “gems” (i.e. packaged code) that we can reuse in our own applications and to package our own code as a gem to share with the Ru ...

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A Modern Designer’s Canvas

    When I gave this talk a title, I called it “A Modern Designer’s Canvas,” because originally I was going to talk about the tools and processes that I use when I’m designing. But being a good designer or developer is about so much more than knowing how to use tools. It’s also about the way we approach what we do and our attitude towards it. I’m going to talk about four lessons that can help us do what we ...

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10 Tips for Building Wireframes With Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is experiencing a come-back in the world of web design. Not only is SVG becoming commonly used online, but more and more designers are using vectors for wireframing. The following tips will help you make the most of Illustrator as a wireframing tool. Wireframing is about working rapidly and iterating quickly. The aim is not to create attractive interfaces; your number one priority is to de ...

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Getting Started With Liquid; Shopify’s Template Language

In part one of this series ( A Web Designer's Introduction to Shopify ) I introduced you to the Shopify commerce platform, explained a number of its key concepts and illustrated how a Shopify theme is structured. Moving forward, this tutorial will focus on Liquid , the Shopify template language. We'll look at the benefits of Liquid, discuss how it enables us to pull in and manipulate data from our stores an ...

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My Thoughts on Unicorns in the Mystical World of UX

This article is about a phenomenon within the UX community. Recently I've seen several companies looking to hire what they refer to as a "unicorn"; an employee so named due to the rarity of individuals with such talents. A unicorn is someone who can take on and perform the tasks of a UX Designer/Architect, Visual Designer and Developer (typically front-end). I do believe individuals exist that carry all of ...

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Interview With Matt Mullenweg And Mike Little: WordPress: How It Came To Be And Where It’s Heading

    2013 was a busy year for me for conferences and travel. It was also the year I attended my first (and second) WordCamp. The first was WordCamp UK in July, where I met Mike Little , one of the two co-founders of WordPress. Three months later, I was honored to meet the other co-founder, Matt Mullenweg , twice in three weeks: at WordCamp Europe in Leiden, and at The Summit . I was lucky enough to have both ...

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Why I Choose Stylus (And You Should Too)

The world of front end web development has been steadily increasing its uptake of what we call "CSS Preprocessors", which extend the functionality of regular CSS. Arguably the two most well known, with the greatest user base, are LESS and SASS/SCSS . However there is a third preprocessor that hasn't received quite as much attention, and that's Stylus . Today we'll be discussing why Stylus is awesome, why I ...

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Fn.js – Encourage Functional Programming Style

Advertise here via BSA fn.js is a JavaScript library built to encourage a functional programming style & strategy . fn.js aims to support functional practices over performance or established conventions. In order to guide you on the right path, fn.js internals force avoidance of side effects, object mutation, and function state. fn.js runs in the Node.js or in the browser using normal script tags or via an ...

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