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Design Principles: Connecting And Separating Elements Through Contrast And Similarity

Similarity and contrast, connection and separation, grouped and ungrouped are all ways to describe the varying sameness and difference between elements. Based on the information they carry, we’ll want some elements to look similar, to indicate that they are related in some way. We’ll also want to show that some elements are different and belong to different groups. Key to showing both is the visual characte ...

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3 Ways to Get Feedback From Clients With InVision

Getting feedback from clients is a crucial part of any project. It doesn't matter if you're a team of one or a team of developers and designers, you need feedback from your client to keep the project moving forward.  Designing prototypes is a great first step toward engaging your client with the overall project. Not only will you save valuable time in the development process later on, you'll keep your clien ...

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10 Tips For Writing High Quality, Engaging Website Copy

10 Tips For Writing High Quality, Engaging Website Copy is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog . Today we have our second guest post from Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers. You’ve purchased your domain and written up product descriptions, an about page, and, of course, the homepage, but it seems that your website i ...

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Testing Mobile: Emulators, Simulators And Remote Debugging

In the early days of mobile, debugging was quite a challenge. Sure, you could get ahold of a device and perform a quick visual assessment, but what would you do after discovering a bug? With a distinct lack of debugging tools, developers turned to a variety of hacks. In general, these hacks were an attempt to recreate a given issue in a desktop browser and then debug with Chrome Developer Tools or a similar ...

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SEO for Ecommerce Websites

SEO for Ecommerce Websites is a post by SEO expert . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog . Today, it seems impossible to imagine a world without the Internet and the everyday conveniences it provides. Ecommerce, for example, is one of those things that has changed the way we think about purchasing everything from personal electronics and f ...

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WordPress Tutorials for Advanced Development Techniques

Anyone who is familiar using WordPress should know it’s one of the most popular CMS engines to date. Learning the basics of theme development can be exciting and even quite fun. But with time even the brightest developers can hit a wall trying to learn everything. WordPress is a tremendous library and requires a lot of time to master. Once you understand the the basics of WP development everything gets a wh ...

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Working Harmoniously With Your Team on Web (and Email) Projects

In recent weeks, our team had the rather demanding task of designing ten email templates in time for the launch of Canvas , a new and easy-to-use email newsletter builder in Campaign Monitor .  On top of the regular requirements which come with building templates for an email marketing service that designers use (for example, that campaigns look good, even on mobile devices!) there were a couple of extra th ...

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How to Build an Off-Canvas Navigation Layout With Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to cater for lots of scenarios by providing a handful of commonly-used web components. There are buttons, a responsive navigation bar, tabs, tooltips, carousels, and so forth. Still, even with all the toys Bootstrap gives us, it is still missing a very popular pattern: the off-canvas navigation. This approach to navigation sets the menu off from the visible area (the canvas), giving mo ...

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