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New Course: Mastering Icon Fonts on the Web

Let’s say you’re building a website that uses lots of icons. How would you implement those on the web? As image files? They worked fine in the past, but not any more; not with retina displays and responsive websites. Icon fonts are the way to go, and in  Mastering Icon Fonts on the Web  you’ll learn all there is to know about them: what they are, how to use them, and how to make your own. What You'll Learn ...

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Useful Services & Tools for Converting Designs to Code

An experienced website or mobile app developer can sail through the initial design process, only to have things come to a grinding halt when the time comes to convert his designs into SEO-friendly, cross-browser compatible code. PSD to HTML conversion can be a time-consuming task, and an error-prone one as well for anyone who does not do it on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are a number of companies, and ...

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Simple Autocomplete Widget with Zero Dependencies

Awesomplete is an ultra lightweight, customizable, simple autocomplete widget with zero dependencies, built with modern standards for modern browsers. You can simply add awesomplete for it to be automatically processed (you can still specify many options via HTML attributes) Otherwise you can instantiate with a few lines of JS code, which allow for more customization. Awesomplete is released under the MIT L ...

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500 Video Courses on Tuts+

This week marks a huge milestone for Tuts+ learning as we celebrate the release of our 500th video course ! From our humble beginnings way back in 2007 we’ve grown to incorporate 10 different creative and technical topics including Code, Web Design, Design & Illustration and Photography. We now house an extensive library of more than 19,000 free tutorials to help you build real life skills, and more than 19 ...

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The Command Line for Web Design: Grasping The Basics

There are just a few things you’ll need in order to get ready for all the cool web design stuff you can do with the command line. Many generic introductions to the command line will focus on things like creating folders, moving files around, navigating your system and so on. I find that with a web design focus I rarely ever use these types of commands. When I first started learning the command line I also e ...

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1001Freedownloads – Unique, Free Design Resources

Photography and design are the heart of the Internet. Graphics, GIF clips, and artistic photos are important parts of enhancing any experience. The world wide web is full of photographic content; any web search is sure to produce billions of images. While image searches pull up plenty of unique graphics, it is often difficult to find the right sized imagery for your particular need. se ...

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Subway Icon Set – 306 Pixel Perfect Crafted Icons

Subway Icon Set is a set of 306 pixel perfect crafted icons optimized for: iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10. They are delivered in PNG, SVG, XALM, PSD, CSH, SKETCH, PDF, AI and EPS format. They are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 License. Requirements: - Demo: License: Creative Commons 4.0 License Sponsors Professional Web Icons for Your Websites and Applic ...

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TimelineMax: Understanding the Mechanics

What You'll Be Creating Ready for some definitions? Mechanics is defined as an area concerned with the behavior of objects subjected to forces or displacements, and the subsequent effects of those objects on their environment. A timeline is a way of displaying a list of events in chronological order, sometimes described as a project artefact. Let’s bridge the two areas in order to learn how to control and c ...

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