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Basics: Create a Clean Magazine & Blog Theme (Day 3: Coding Part 1)

Advertise here It’s day three of the Basics Design tutorial ! Today we’ll be continuing on with the coding – specifically we’ll be writing the HTML/CSS for the homepage and the blog single post page. Adi has recorded another HD video tutorial covering the crucial PSD > HTML conversion process. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new designer, we hope you enjoy the walkthroug ...

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Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design (Free Excerpt + Discount Code!)

Today I’ve got a special treat for all of you grid lovers out there! Khoi Vinh (one of the leading authorities on typographic grid systems in web design) and Peachpit have agreed to let us publish an excerpt of Khoi’s new book on grid design: Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design . In this excerpt, he’ll outline the principles that every designer should keep in mind when design ...

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Design And Develop A Complete Website (A Tuts+ Mini Series, Pt 1)

You’ll find lots of web design and development tutorials out the net… but very few tuts that take you from start to finish. Lots of tutorials are only for design, and others are only for coding. Today we’re starting a new series where we’ll design and develop a complete website from scratch; We’ll take you from the initial wireframe to the full site design (including 5 pages). ...

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Understanding the Z-Layout in Web Design

The Z-Layout is a great way to start just about any web design project because it addresses the core requirements for any effective site: branding, hierarchy, structure, and call to action. While the classic “Z-Layout” isn’t going to be the perfect solution for each and every website out there, it’s certainly a layout that’s effective enough to warrant inclusion in any web desi ...

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How To Use Photos To Sell More Online

? ? As a photographer and UX designer, I pay particular attention to the effectiveness of photography when I’m testing with users. Regardless of the context, users rarely fail to comment on or be influenced by photography when shopping online. This article pulls together principles from psychology, marketing, UX design and photographic theory. ...

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Why Many Successful People Become Jerks

Why Popular People May Seem Negative to Some I was chatting with a friend today about one of our projects and he mentioned how he stopped liking a few other internet marketers recently due to their negativity. Him stating that gave me a bit of internal reflection, and I think it comes down to a few things... When people get from a certain level of success to say 5x or 10x, many may feel guilty about making ...

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PDF to animated GIF converter

It has never been that easy - simply create previews of your PDFs as gif images. NO NEED TO UPLOAD YOUR FILES - they will be converted from where they are. A PDF often consists of more than one page - no problem with PDF2GIF online converter, it converts the pages in a document into an animated gif, showing either only a few pages or all pages in a compact gif. ...

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XT:Commerce price to image

Having seen this in various online shops, I decided to write my own function for the xt commerce shop, which enables you to display new products on the index page with prices that are images. This can help promoting your articles a lot better and, in addition, have the cheap price ( hopefully ) move over parts of the image so it will look like one image at all. In fact, you can choose any style you like, as ...

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