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Inker – A Front-end Architecture & Delivery Service

Inker is an open source front-end architecture & delivery service that will change how you think about one-to-one emails in your company. Inker takes you from coding to sending, keeping it centralized so that your team stops losing time over emails & can focus on more important things. Inker keeps your email code clean & gives you the tools to test faster. Free templates for transactional emails (forgot pas ...

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20 Open Source CSS Snippets for Colorful Graphics

Pure CSS graphics are some of the most interesting advancements in modern web design. Although there isn’t a wide net of browser support, CSS3 can now render icons and graphics using nothing but code. This may not be useful in every project but for those who love CSS it’s a fun way to design new ideas. You might even try blending these codes into a code builder like IMCreator . Feel free to copy and edit th ...

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Coming Soon Landing Page Themes for WordPress

How many times have you needed to launch a new project online with a simple signup field or “coming soon” message? Now think about how many clients and other designers around the world also run into this dilemma. Coming soon landing pages are immensely valuable and offer even more value when built for a CMS like WordPress. Take a look over the following examples of Coming Soon themes for WordPress. Most are ...

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Open Source Tools and Plugins for Website Polls

In the past I have spent days constructing my own polls with JavaScript and PHP. It takes a lot of time developing the database and internal functions without any reference guide. But thankfully we have access to a number of free services dedicated to website polls and surveys. This gallery includes 15 free plugins, scripts, and externally-hosted services for generating user polls. Almost every major CMS en ...

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Chat Tools and Web Applications for Instant Messaging

Newer teams of designers and developers might be surprised at the wide array of chat applications. Some are more public than others, and you’ll find plenty of free alternatives mixed into paid services. But chatrooms or instant message chatting can be extremely beneficial to any company or team project. Take a look over this collection of 15 brilliant IM tools and web applications. I’d encourage everyone to ...

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Multi-Level Push Menus With jQuery

It is usually not easy to present “menus that are few levels deep” in a user-friendly way. And, that’s specially hard for cross-platform layouts . Multi-Level Push Menu is a jQuery plugin that provides a very good solution to such menus. It has support for unlimited levels , works cross browser/platform and makes things much easier for touch devices with swipe gestures . The menu can be set to next from lef ...

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Voice Control With JavaScript – Voix.js

We are used to controlling/navigating websites with mouse, keyboard and “touch” afterwards. Voix.js is a JavaScript library that allows us to add another layer to controlling them which is “voice” . It has functions to start and stop listening through the microphone and we can set events to be fired when a given keyword is detected . The library is pretty easy to use and it currently works in Chrome. Advert ...

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A Huge Discount (50%) On All WordPress Themes By TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster , the popular website templates company, is running an exciting discount for WordPress fans. They are offering a 50% discount on all their WordPress themes (1500+) until 26 November which is a good deal for anyone planning to get a WP-powered site. It is pretty easy to browse through this large repository with the ability to filtering them via category or color. Lately, the company is develo ...

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