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How They Did It: Virgin America’s New Storefront

Virgin America has launched a new booking service, and it's a lot of fun! The concept of a flight booking experience being fun sounds nearly impossible. For years, booking a flight online has been a relatively cold undertaking and pointed purely at business objectives. Virgin has created a different experience . Today, we're going to talk about how they've changed the average booking experience and made it ...

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Why Use Node.js Tutorials and Resources for Beginners

Advertise here via BSA Node.js is increasingly gaining popularity among web developers. Due to all hosting companies Node.js remains the prerogative of dedicated servers and VPS . Actually VPS is a solution that even a small startup can afford. For more details refer to the documentation on . As you know, Node.js supports modules. You can find the folder for global modules here: winginxnodejsnode ...

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How to Build a Page Scroll Progress Indicator With jQuery and SVG

Today we will be looking at a few techniques we can use to show scroll progress for users who are reading a page. This technique is being used on an increasing number of sites, and for good reason; it provides a contextual understanding of investment needed to consume a particular page. As the user scrolls, they are presented with a sense of current progress in different formats.  As seen on Today, w ...

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Don’t Fear the Algo Change: Forward Thinking SEO

Don’t Fear the Algo Change: Forward Thinking SEO is a post by SEO expert Joe Amadon . For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog . Don’t build what Google is rewarding. Build what Google wants to reward. Embracing this philosophy will have you popping champagne corks when Google makes a major update instead of freaking out and worrying about getting fire ...

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Tiff – A Visual Typeface Diff Tool

Advertise here via BSA Tiff is a typeface diff tool that visually contrasts the differences between two fonts . It’s a tool to help comparing two fonts while learning about typography. At this point, Google Web Fonts serves as the only source of external fonts for Tiff. Since the app uses some features only available in HTML5 and CSS3, use recent versions of modern web browsers for maximum compatibility. Re ...

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Free Templates for Social Networks Photoshop Plugin

Advertise here via BSA Social Kit is fully sliced and customizable templates for your Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube channel . It includes cover images, profile pictures and ad banners in a free Photoshop plugin. Automatically updated upon every major or minor change of social site design. You can see your design changes right when you make them. The look you get with Social Kit is the look you get o ...

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Maplace.js – A Small jQuery Plugin for Google Maps

Advertise here via BSA Maplace.js is a small Google Maps Javascript plugin for jQuery that helps you to embed Google Maps into your website, quickly create markers and controls menu for the locations on map. It requires jQuery and Google Maps API v3 so you need to have both in your page.It supports markers and custom icons, zoom level and custom controls menu. It is released under the MIT license. Requireme ...

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Implementing the Float Label Form Pattern

Using Matt Smith’s mobile form interaction design as a guide, we will create a stunning form interaction for the web that’s both beautiful and accessible using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Overview Form design and interaction on the web can be a sensitive subject. A multiplicity of form accessibility concerns and best practices can make designing a compelling form interaction very difficult, as opposed to form ...

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