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A Tale of Two Platforms: Designing for Both Android and iOS

Whether you’re working in-house, contracting, or for an agency, companies need apps for many different reasons. Established companies in particular need to cater for their existing customers and the devices they use. Often that means a new app for both Android and iPhones. In an ideal world, we’d spend months designing two apps. But in reality, many projects don’t allow that much time. For any of the apps I ...

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Bootstrap 3 Succinctly: Additional Changed Components Features

In this series on Bootstrap 3, we're taking you through all the new features in the latest version of this popular framework. In the last tutorial we looked at some changes to components, and this time we'll finish off by looking at changes to other components, such as labels, badges, list groups, and panels. Label and Badge Changes This is going to be a very short section, because there have only been two ...

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Awesome CSS Loading Effects for Grid Layout Images

TutsMix has shared with us some cool CSS loading effects for grid images . You can use them on your portfolio, blog, or anywhere you want. The setup is quite simple. We use Normalize.css as an alternative to the traditional CSS reset, ZURB Foundation to create a responsive grid, Masonry to create a dynamic grid layout, imagesLoaded to check if the images have been loaded, and Infinite Scroll by Paul Irish t ...

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A Flexible jQuery Plugin for Sorting & Pagination

Advertise here via BSA jPList is a flexible jQuery plugin for sorting, pagination and filtering of any HTML structure. It supports data sources: PHP + MySQL, ASP.NET + Sql Server, PHP + SQLite. It works with JavaScript templates like Handlebars, Mustache etc. jPList supports XML + XSLT. It works in all major browsers. For non-commercial, personal, or open source projects and applications, you may use jPList ...

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Build a Dribbble Portfolio Grid With Flexboxgrid and Jribbble

Building with a grid has become an everyday requirement for front-end developers. Not only do grids provide a sense of rhythm and consistency in design, but when a well-known grid structure is used it provides a simple collective design language for cross–team work. Flexboxgrid is a new framework which allows you to combine the predictability and common language structure of a grid system with the flexibili ...

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Tag & Search Your Chrome Bookmarks with Dewey

Advertise here via BSA Dewey is a Chrome app for tagging, searching and sorting your Chrome bookmarks . With Dewey you can add custom tags, generate screenshots of your bookmarks, search and sort in a much smarter and faster way. Dewey organizes your bookmarks into a grid that continues to load as you scroll down. The layout is also fully responsive, so it still works well even if you need to use a narrow b ...

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Building the Responsive Timeline Portfolio Page

What You'll Be Creating During this tutorial we will be building the fantastic Timeline Portfolio as seen in an earlier tutorial by Tomas Laurinavicius. We will be using some responsive techniques as well as CSS3 animations, Sass and a little bit of jQuery. File and Directory Structure OK, the first step is to create the files and folders we need. The image below shows our root structure. As you can see, we ...

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How They Did It: Typekit’s New Homepage

Typekit recently redesigned their homepage with some new services in mind. When Typekit joined Adobe, they set out to bring us a new way to handle fonts on the web. Not only did they create a fairly simple way to embed fonts on the web, but they have now officially launched a desktop sync option , which allows Creative Cloud subscribers to sync fonts to their computer directly from Typekit. This has been in ...

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