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Drag and Drop jQuery File Uploader with Progress Bar

Advertise here via BSA jQuery File Uploader is a jQuery plugin to drag and drop files, including ajax upload and progress bar . The idea for this plugin is to keep it very simple; unlike other options/plugins that mess up a lot with the markup and provide some really ‘hacky’ ways to make it available for prehistoric browsers. The focus will be for modern browsers, but also providing a method to know when is ...

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Grid List – 2D Resizable and Responsive List of Items

Advertise here via BSA GridList is a drag and drop library for a two-dimensional resizable and responsive list of items . An agnostic GridList class that manages the two-dimensional positions from a list of items within a virtual matrix. A jQuery plugin built on top of the GridList class that translates the generic items positions into responsive DOM elements with drag and drop capabilities. Please note tha ...

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Freebie: Flat Icon Set (60 Icons, PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, AI)

    Crafted with great attention to detail, today’s icon set is extremely easy to use and will most probably be the next ultimate resource for any of your design projects. This set of round icons was thoroughly designed by the creative team at Roundicons and has been released exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. This freebie contains 60 icons that have been designed in both round and flat styl ...

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Your Self-Hosted Dribbble Portfolio Instantly

Advertise here via BSA Dribbbox displays your work in a clean, easy-to-browse gallery, avoiding the noise of Dribbble’s comments, rebounds, ads and etc . It’s your portfolio, not your social network profile. You host your site, using your own domain. There is no server-side code or external dependencies involved. Dribbbox is just vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and since you are hosting all the files, you ...

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PintJS – A Small, Concurrent Grunt JS Runner

Advertise here via BSA Pint is a small, asynchronous, dependency aware wrapper around Grunt attempting to solve some of the problems that accompany a build process at scale. A typical Gruntfile starts with, at a minimum, some variation of: jsHint, jasmine, LESS, handlebars, uglify, copy, and clean stack. Just these half dozen or so plugins can balloon your Gruntfile upwards of 300 lines and when you add com ...

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Tilted Content Slideshow with 3D Effect

Advertise here via BSA The FWA landing page has a really nice content slider that plays with 3D perspective on screenshots and animates them in an interesting way. Today Codrops would like to recreate part of that effect and make a simple content slideshow with some fancy 3D animations. Codrops has shared a tutorial on how to recreate the slideshow seen on the FWA landing page with 3D effects involving rand ...

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Deal Of The Week : 100 Premium Infographics from Ingimage

Data. It’s what makes the world go round. How you use and share that data, however, can be a true challenge. When you’re dealing with an increasingly shorter attention span all the time, it can be tough getting your point across to your customers. That’s where the infographic can be such a life saver! Infographics take stuffy, boring ol’ data and present it all in a fun, entertaining and easy-to-understand ...

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The Vibration API for Mobile Devices

Advertise here via BSA The Vibration API is an API specifically made for mobile devices as they are thankfully the only devices that have a vibrate function. The API allows developers to vibrate a device (in a pattern) for a given duration. The vibration API is implemented in navigator.vibrate. So calling the function makes your phone vibrate. You can test if your browser is recent enough to have the vibrat ...

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