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VisualCaptcha – A Configurable Captcha Solution

Advertise here via BSA visualCaptcha is a configurable captcha solution, focusing on accessibility & simplicity, whilst maintaining security. It also supports mobile, retina devices, and has an innovative accessibility solution. visualCaptcha is now available across multiple backend languages. If you are using JavaScript, Ruby, or PHP, you can use visualCaptcha. You can now use visualCaptcha as plain JavaSc ...

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Maintaining Momentum Through Efficient Mobile Design

When interacting with mobile devices, users have little patience for confusing interfaces or unnecessary steps that impede their progress. As designers, we must understand the role of momentum in effective user interface design and create experiences that keep our users moving forward. Think about the act of checking email on a mobile device. This is probably one of our most efficient interactions with our ...

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How to Create Style Guides for a Specific Audience

A style guide can be an incredibly powerful document that lives longer than most in a company's culture. Whether you're building a fresh new brand for a yet-to-be-known company, or you're recreating a brand previously established, focusing on a style guide can bring a cohesiveness to the designed assets around that brand, as well as the tone associated with the brand. In this article, I'd like to explore so ...

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Streamlining Mobile Interactions

The mobile web is a harsh environment: mobile processors are slower than their desktop counterparts; network connectivity is flaky; bandwidth is low; latency is high; and touchscreen keyboards are slow. The best mobile web applications are the ones that excel at handling these challenges. In this article, we’ll look at four core ways to streamline mobile interactions: Identify the tasks your users want to a ...

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Next-Generation Responsive Web Design Tools: Webflow, Edge Reflow, Macaw

To prepare for a talk about the changing roles of designers and developers, given at HOW Interactive a few months back, I interviewed 20+ web shops. Validated by my own experience, I found that many of them faced challenges fitting responsive design into their workflow , and the role of most web designers had changed to include coding in some form or another. At least half of the designers knew HTML and CSS ...

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Mobile And Accessibility: Why You Should Care And What You Can Do About It

Mobile has revolutionized the way we use the web. This is especially true of disabled users, for whom mobile devices open the door to a whole new spectrum of interactions. And they are taking advantage of it. A July 2013 survey (PDF) of adults with disabilities done by the Wireless Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center found that 91% of people with disabilities use a “wireless device such as a cell pho ...

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Scripts and Plugins for Analyzing Website Traffic Stats

Most webmasters agree that Google Analytics provides high-quality traffic analysis without much competition. But you can’t host their scripts on your own server and must rely on Google’s servers for data storage. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, it may not be exactly what you’re looking for in a traffic analytics script. This gallery includes a number of self-hosted and cloud-hosted services for ...

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Unicode For A Multi-Device World

A while ago, I was working on a website that required a number of icons. “No problem,” I thought. “I know how to handle this. I’ll use an @font-face icon set for high-resolution screens. It’ll be a single file, to reduce HTTP requests, and I’ll include just the icons that I need, to reduce file size.” “I’ll even use a Unicode character as the base of the icon, so that if @font-face isn’t supported, then the ...

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