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PintJS – A Small, Concurrent Grunt JS Runner

Advertise here via BSA Pint is a small, asynchronous, dependency aware wrapper around Grunt attempting to solve some of the problems that accompany a build process at scale. A typical Gruntfile starts with, at a minimum, some variation of: jsHint, jasmine, LESS, handlebars, uglify, copy, and clean stack. Just these half dozen or so plugins can balloon your Gruntfile upwards of 300 lines and when you add com ...

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Create a Card Layout that Let Your User Flip Through

Advertise here via BSA Tip Cards plugin let you create a layout of cards with a card-like interaction that you see on Google Tips Page . There are several new animation options so that you can personalize it to your own liking. You can use callbacks to perform actions before or after the modal opens. Modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on desktop have been tested. Requirements: jQuery Framew ...

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Embed Panorama Pictures on Your Website with jQuery

Advertise here via BSA jQuery Panorama Viewer helps you embed Panorama Pictures on your website . You can now display your panorama photos on your site with this plugin. To do this, first you have to include the latest jQuery library together with jquery.panorama_viewer.js and panorama_viewer.css into your document’s , and then add your image to your HTML with class name “panorama”. Modern browsers such as ...

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JavaScript State Manager For Responsive Websites – Simple State Manager

For responsive layouts, we may want to trigger different JavaScript codes depending on the screen size, platform or browser. Simple State Manager is a lightweight and easy-to-use JavaScript State Manager for responsive websites . It doesn’t require any JavaScript frameworks and a perfect companion for handling layout-specific code in a clean way. You can define the breakpoints and pack all the JavaScript to ...

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Social Kit – Free Photoshop Plugin For Designing Social Profiles And Pages

Each social network has its own dynamics when it comes to customizing the social profiles and pages. Different requirements and sizes . Social Kit is a free Photoshop plugin that focuses on simplifying the design of such pages and profiles. It currently supports 4 networks : YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The plugin has full-sliced and editable templates where the outputs look just the same as “how ...

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Fix Position of Containers with Auto Fix Anything Plugin

Advertise here via BSA Auto Fix Anything is a little plugin will let you automatically fix position of any container on your website with one JS call . With this plugin you can dynamically fix a container within the viewport. The plugin will detect when to fix/unfix the position automatically. Modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, on desktop have been tested. Requirements: - Demo: http://www. ...

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Empowering Footnotes with Bigfoot jQuery Plugin

Advertise here via BSA Footnotes on the web are troublesome. You click on a tiny number, get transported somewhere near the bottom of the page, find the footnote you were looking for, and click on a link to go back to where you were on the page. Bigfoot is a jQuery plugin for empowering footnotes , which makes that whole process painless. It automatically detects the footnote link and content, turns the lin ...

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Redux – An Advanced Options Framework For WordPress

For any WordPress developer, using an options framework definitely helps customizing the theme/plugin much more and easier. Redux is an advanced and stable WordPress options framework , built on top of the popular NHP, with an enhanced UI. It uses the “WordPress Settings API” and has multiple built-in filed types, validation, import/export functionality and much more. Advertisements: ioDeck , a self-hosted ...

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