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Impress Your Visitors With a Web 2.0 Hit Counter

If there's one way to show off how successful your site is, it's by letting your visitors know how many others have been there before them. Let's furnish a web page with a hit counter! The first thing we'll need to do is design our counter, so open up Photoshop, Sketch or CorelDraw, and begin a new document. Write 1234567890 on the canvas using the text tool. You can now style these numbers using whatever d ...

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Adding Media Queries to Our Tumblr Theme

In this video, we’ll be rounding off our responsive CSS by adding some Media Queries. We’ll be talking about defensive coding , being sure that we make allowances for various usage scenarios, such as unusually long blog titles. Adding Media Queries Alternatively, Download the video, or subscribe to Webdesigntuts+ screencasts via YouTube Useful Links Ripple Chrome Extension Tumblr themes on Themeforest ...

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CSS Framework For Responsive E-mails – Ink

We used to see lots of CSS frameworks for website layouts but it is hard to find one for e-mails. Ink , by Zurb, fills that gap by simplifying the creation of HTML e-mails that look the same on all major e-mail clients. The framework includes the styles for a table-based grid, buttons, panels, retina images and more. Once the e-mail is ready, you can use the web-based Inliner tool to get all styles inline. ...

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SlideMe! – Responsive & Flexible jQuery Slider

There are many jQuery slideshow plugins out there (make sure you check the Gallery section ) and it is usually hard to decide which one is better. Actually, sometimes, it is not about being better but being a good fit for the job as each gallery has various differences from another. SlideMe! is another solid option which is responsive and supports both limited or full screen views. It can be used vertically ...

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Tumblr Theming 101: Introduction

Welcome to Tumblr Theming 101, a new tutorial series which aims to give you a solid understanding of what a Tumblr theme is, whilst coding a responsive Tumblr theme along the way. In this episode we take a brief look at the theme we’ll be coding, whilst discussing the goals for the series. Introduction Alternatively, Download the video, or subscribe to Webdesigntuts+ screencasts via YouTube ...

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Set Type on Circles with Circle Type jQuery Plugin

Advertise here via BSA Circletype.js is a tiny (2.7kb) jQuery plugin that lets you set type on a circle . You can use any font, adjust letter-spacing as usual with CSS, flip it around so it reads counter-clockwise instead. You can also Set the radius manually or let CircleType.js figure it out for you. It play well with FitText.js. And best of all, it works in fluid and responsive layouts. Requirements: jQu ...

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Make Sprites Animations for all Devices & Browsers

Advertise here via BSA While meeting some game studios, I often have the same question coming over and over: if I’m writing/porting my game in HTML5, will it run well on the various targeted devices? Will it be playable or will the gameplay suffer too much? To answer to that question, I often use my own experience based on what I know and what worked well during my own tests. But I also had the feeling it w ...

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Defining Our Ghost Theme’s Color and Basic Layout

Moving swiftly along with the styling of our Ghost theme, this tutorial sets out some width settings, the color and some basic layout adjustments. Note: You will need to be working in Firefox with the FireBug extension installed, or in Chrome with Developer Tools for this section of the tutorial. Adjust Width for Readability Having chosen our fonts during the previous tutorial, we know how wide our letters ...

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