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Web Design Workshop #8: Web App Landing Page

Web Design Workshop is our weekly community project where we ask readers to submit their work for your friendly, constructive criticism. It’s the perfect way to learn, offer opinions and have your own work critiqued! This week, we have another design from Adi which will be used in a coming tutorial.. Rules of Engagement Play nice! We deliberately select work which will benefit from advice and pointers ...

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100 Most Favorite Social Media Stamps for Free

Social media integration has become an important part of modern web design. Web Icon Set has just released a set of free social media stamp collection to brand your work. All of them are highly recognizable by people. Social Media Stamp Collection contains 100 most favorite social services and applications . It includes PNG and PSD source file, so that you can change the color easily ...

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Document Your REST APIs with Style

Would you like to document your API with style? Swagger is a specification and complete framework implementation for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services. The overarching goal of Swagger is to enable client and documentation systems to update at the same pace as the server. The documentation of methods, parameters and models are tightly integrated into the server code, allo ...

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Celebrate Envato’s Birthday With Our Freebie Pack!

If you haven’t heard already, today marks Envato ‘s fifth birthday! We celebrated the occasion last week with a 70% commission rate for marketplace authors, and today have announced an exciting birthday bundle . For our wonderful Tuts+ readers, we have prepared a fantastic pack of resources for you to use in your next event or party. Read on to find out how to download them free! 30 Party & Even ...

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Interactive Way to Learn Programming with Codecademy

Codecademy was created when Zach got frustrated with learning how to program. For years, Ryan taught Zach the basics of HTML and CSS, but books and videos didn’t help. Ryan and Zach teamed up to create Codecademy, a better, more interactive way to learn how to program . Learning with Codecademy will put you on the path to building great websites, games, and apps ...

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Readers’ Poll: How Do You Cross-Browser Test?

It’s not on many people’s things I like most about web design list, but cross-browser testing just comes with the territory for web designers and developers. Many argue that there is no best method – but how do you go about testing your work across multiple browsers? Breaking it Down In order to make this poll digestible, I’ve categorized cross-browser testing methods into 5 main typ ...

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Freelance Gigs vs. Studio Jobs: Which One Works Best For You?

Advertise here For web designers, there’s pretty much just two types of us: those who work for a studio with others and those who go solo as a freelancer. Each have their perks and downsides – and today we’ll be examining the pros and cons of each to help find which one is the right fit for you! Studio vs. Freelance: Is the Grass Any Greener? “there aren’t many fields like web ...

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Finding The Clients and Projects of Your Dreams

Advertise here Freelance web designers always have the job of finding clients to work with. It’s a necessity in order to actually maintain a somewhat constant workflow and to keep busy (which also means keeping your bills paid). Not all clients are created equally though . If you’ve ever read Clients from Hell , you’ll probably realize that there are some clients you might not want to be a ...

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