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If A Single File Gets Hacked, Will Millions Of Websites Be Affected? (Discussion)

Advertise here with BSA Info: This is a little different post than you see everyday at WRD. It is a concern that popped up while working on "speeding up stuff" and think/hope it is worth discussing. Please share what you think. I'm usually a fan of hosting all the files used in websites myself , under the same location with the website itself. When an image or JS file needs to be updated, no need to upd ...

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Auditing Your Link Building Portfolio BEFORE Google’s Over-Optimization Penalty Hits

If you’re wondering why this title sounds familiar, it’s because this blog post is meant to supplement Rand Fishkin’s recent Whiteboard Friday about 6 basic changes every SEO should make before Google’s new algorithm is rolled out . As always, Google is very vague about what changes they’re going to make which leaves us with many unknowns and what ifs . What we do know is that the “over-optimization penalty ...

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Adobe Photoshop CS6: Improvements for Web and UI Designers

Photoshop CS6 has been hailed as a huge improvement for web and UI designers. I’m going to share with you some of the features that Photoshop CS6 Beta has to offer and demonstrate how they can help you in your web or UI design workflow. Introduction When I woke up on 26th March 2012, it was like any other ordinary Monday morning. I was still half asleep and recuperating from my weekend hangover ...

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Build a Quick and Elegant Login Form

Today we’re going to code up Orman Clark’s Elegant Login Form using CSS3 and HTML5, plus some of Dan Eden’s CSS animations to embellish the experience. This tutorial assumes a certain understanding of HTML/CSS from you; we’re going to be moving pretty fast. OK, let’s go! Step 1: The HTML Markup We start out by linking to our stylesheets within the head of our document. We have ...

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New Book: Web Design Confidential

We’re very excited to finally announce the publication of Web Design Confidential! Web Design Confidential is an insider’s snapshot of the web design industry, compiled from a survey of over 5,200 web designers and interviews with ten notable names in web design today. It’s available in epub, mobi and pdf ebooks from Rockable Press , or in print on Amazon. Sound interesting? ...

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Building a Responsive Layout With Skeleton: Starting Out

Dave Gamache’s Skeleton Boilerplate provides the perfect foundations upon which to build responsive websites rapidly and reliably. We’re going to use Skeleton and build a responsive page based on the Magazine design featured on Webdesigntuts+ recently. We’ll be looking at everything from multiple background images, through to media queries, flexible media and mobile-friendly navigation. Le ...

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Great Landing Page Templates From ThemeForest

Whether you are trying to stir up some hype for an upcoming launch or need a customized marketing message, a well designed landing page can be invaluable. At ThemeForest we have a special section just for high quality landing page templates . Here is our short rundown of some of the top landing page templates to use in your next project. 1 ...

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