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Create Cross Platform Desktop Applications with Electron

The Electron framework lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is based on io.js and Chromium and is used in the Atom editor. You can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Chromium and Node.js to build your app.Electron is open source; mantained by GitHub and an active community. Best of all, Electron apps build and run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Requirements: – D ...

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Free Open Source Icon Web Fonts for Designers

Most modern web browsers support the latest CSS3 properties and have seen a growing adoption by audiences around the world. Web fonts are quite popular and only getting easier to include in a typical HTML5 website. But one of the best solutions with this newer technology would be icon web fonts. Web designers can include fonts made with icons to embed scalable icons into any layout. This gallery below inclu ...

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Rainyday.js – Rendering Raindrops with JavaScript

The idea behind Rainyday.js is to create a JavaScript library that makes use of the HTML5 canvas to render an animation of raindrops falling on a glass surface. Rainyday.js features extendable API, collision detection and is easy to extend with your own implementations of different animation components. It is a pure JavaScript library which uses HTML5 features so it’s supported by most of the modern browser ...

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CodePen Challenge #2: Results!

Last week we asked you to take part in our second CodePen Challenge : styling a mailing list sign up form. More than 60 of you took part, offering some really diverse ideas–here’s what you all cooked up! The Challenge We asked you to style the following form, without touching the markup: Subscribe to our mailing list The Collection All of the entries were pulled into  a collection  on CodePen. Here are some ...

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Grav – A Crazy Fast Modern Flat-File CMS

Grav is a Fast, Simple, and Flexible, file-based Web-platform . There is Zero installation required. Just extract the ZIP archive, and you are already up and running. It follows similar principals to other flat-file CMS platforms, but has a different design philosophy than most. Grav comes with a powerful Package Management System to allow for simple installation and upgrading of plugins and themes, as well ...

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The Command Line for Web Design: Wrapping Up

I hope you had a great time with this tutorial series , and discovered some of the incredibly useful ways the command line can be incorporated into every day web design processes. You’ve learned techniques which can be put to work in your development right away, but even they only just scratch the surface. I encourage you to spend some time browsing the packages available via npm and Bower , the plugins for ...

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Restive.js – Make Website Responsive or Adaptive Easily

Restive.js is a jQuery Plugin that helps you quickly and easily add features to your Web Site to enable it respond and adapt to virtually every Web-enabled Device. Using a combination of Device Detection, Advanced Breakpoints Management, and Orientation Management, Restive.js will give your Web site an uncanny ability to stay robust in the face of a constantly changing device landscape. Requirements: jQuery ...

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Create and Win With Envato Remix!

We’re running a brand new creative contest for our entire community across Envato Market , Tuts+ and Envato Studio , and we'd love to see what you come up with! Create and Win With Envato Remix! We want you to create a brand new piece of digital artwork from an asset we provide you, and we’ve got some awesome prizes to give away! Below is a preview of the vector file you can modify in any way you wish! See ...

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