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Making Gradients Easier with LESS Mixins

CSS Gradients have pretty messy syntax, made even worse once you add vendor prefixes. So, in this tutorial, we’re going to make Gradient color generation more intuitive with a LESS Mixin. Our Mixin will cater for three types of CSS gradients, namely  linear ,  radial , and  repeating . We will have a couple of settings to manipulate the gradient output, including the gradient type, the color combination and ...

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Win a Free Session With a Tuts+ Expert

We recently launched Tuts+ Experts , your one-stop shop for individual training! Get your most pressing questions answered by your favorite Tuts+ instructors in a private hour-long session for just $65. What Topics Do They Cover? Our experts have years of experience working and teaching in their fields. They cover everything from design to photography. The following is just a quick taste of the topics you c ...

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Find Image Colors and Create Responsive CSS Gradient

The delay between HTTP objects being requested/recieved leaves a timeframe where a webpage can look incomplete. Inspired by Soundclouds’s use of random gradients, Gradify can analyse an image for the 4 most common colors and create a gradient (or solid color) to act as a placeholder image. Gradify is a module which finds the most prominent colors in any image, and produces a scalable, responsive CSS gradien ...

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Prototyping a Fitness Application with Pixate

What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create an animated prototype of your mobile application design. The prototype will look and feel like a real application on your phone; you’ll be able to navigate and scroll through your design, using gestures and custom animations. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to make an animated prototype version of any application design usi ...

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What You Can Learn From Some of the Web’s Most Creative People

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. There are days when everything seems too hard, the to-do list seems too long, and the goal we're working towards seems to have disappeared beyond the horizon. On days like that, it can really help to hear some words of wisdom from people who've been through the hard work themselves and come out on the other side. In the "Made By"  YouTube series published by Tuts+ ...

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Get Started With Foundation for Apps

With the rising popularity of web apps, being a web designer now means you’re fully capable of being a software UI designer.  It’s not just web  sites  we can design with our particular set of skills now, it’s also web  applications , and frameworks like Zurb’s "Foundation for Apps" help to make that possible. In this video tutorial you’ll get ready to produce Foundation Apps by installing and running the s ...

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Atomic – The Fastest Way to Design Beautiful Interactions

As of today anyone can set up an account and start prototyping in seconds. Atomic approaches prototyping in the way designers think: design your different states as separate pages, then create automatic animations between them. Create your designs from scratch in Atomic , or bring your assets in from another drawing tool. Draw Hotspots over elements in your design and link pages together into a prototype. Y ...

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Quick Tip: Add a Formspree Form to Your Static Sites

In this tutorial we’re going to look at a hassle-free way of adding dynamic, flexible forms to your static websites. The Problem Imagine you’ve just created a website using static pages, whether that be with the aid of Jekyll or simply using some HTML files, but you now want to add a contact form. You can link to an online service, install something prebuilt onto your server, or build something from scratch ...

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